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The idea for the Moonchild collection arose from my own longing for my daughters Sui and Ava. Through my work I travel a lot, and combined with the fact that we are a divorced family, we have to be without each other every two weeks. The moon has always meant a lot to my girls and me, no matter how far apart we are, we can always see the moon and send each other loving thoughts. It’s a good way to say goodnight to each other when we can’t be together physically.

“Stay wild Moonchild” A miss doesn’t have to be a bad thing, because when we are together, we enjoy it to the fullest.

SUI AVA and Bahne have developed the Moonchild necklaces together, the idea behind it is that you should have loved very close to you.

Support Mødrehjælpen and their work to improve conditions for vulnerable families with children and pregnant women. Part of the profit from the sale goes directly to Mødrehjælpen.

Sisse - Founder by Sui Ava